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    Energy, as the base of economy development and human existence, has increasingly been focus on internationally. The energy consumption of China has been increasing year by year with the rapid economic growth. But generally speaking, the use of energy in China is still at primary level: unreasonable energy structure, low energy efficiency, high energy cost, heavy pollution. These facts restrict the sustainable development of the economy and the society.


    Shanghai, as an economy center, has huge consumption of energy. Meanwhile, there are many problems concerning energy within the metropolis. The government had set the goals of modifying energy structure, improving energy efficiency and protecting the environment. In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to gather relevant talents and information, take full advantage of technology and management, develop new energy resources, use eco-friendly energy and do more researches on energy-saving technologies.


    With enormous support from Shanghai Economy Committee, scientists from China and the United States founded "Shanghai Pacific Energy Center". The center provides services on energy technology. It has "sibling" relationship with Pacific Energy Center in San Francesco, US. The cooperation and communication between them are frequent in order to attain the same goal.   

    The main purpose of SPEC is providing research and consultation services. Guided by governmental policies and macro-management, it works for Shanghai and China to improve energy technology and realize sustainable development socially and economically. Intimate cooperation with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Pacific Energy Center and Chinese energy companies is our main advantage.


    SPEC provides latest technology, system information, optimized management ideas and best training services in order to attract customers' supports and focuses. We believe that our sincerity, confidence and capability will better the future of energy business in China. 


    All kinds of contacts and communications are welcome. We sincerely wish that with our cooperation and efforts, we can grow together during the process of designing eco-friendly buildings and increasing the general competitiveness of the city.

List of the 2nd committee members:




Weiyi Li Vice general manager, Natural Gas Pipeline Company, Shanghai Shenneng Group. Mark Levine Division Director,   Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Zhongyi Zhou General manager, Shanghai Oriental Energy Co. Ltd  Jiang Lin Staff, China Energy Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Zhiping Wu General manager, Shanghai Gaoxin Aluminum Project Co. Ltd     
Jihuan Xu Professor, Tongji University  
Zhonghua Xie Executive Vice Director, Shanghai Contract Energy Management Committee Office  
Yibiao Yan Vice Director, Building Energy-saving Office, Shanghai Construction Committee  
Ping Zhao Head of Investment Section, Shanghai Oriental Energy Co. Ltd.  




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